Welcome to our website launching !! We understand that it is a hard time for everyone in the world currently and we pray for the best for everyone that is affected because of the pandemic. 

Naröcha open doors just last August and we received a lot of love from our lovely customers that we come to treat as family. Thank you for trusting us and continue to support us from the start. We have overcome unexpected events like the bushfire that happened at 2019 and now, the infamous CODVID-19 with all the love and support from all of you. We can't achieve the things we did without the help from all of you. We hope that you keep trusting and supporting us and other small businesses so we can fight through this together. 

We will keep creating relationships with our customers through Transparency and Honesty. We put the happiness and satisfaction of our customers first. We take pride in serving you with fine quality and natural raw ingredients that we carefully select so customers have a peace of mind of knowing what is inside their drinks and now, our teas as well. 

We have been getting a lot of enquiries if you can purchase our teas and we have been working very hard to deliver this launch. You can Click Here to shop our teas in our website. All the teas is exactly the kind we use in store to handcraft your delicious drinks. 




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