Founders Message

Naröcha started as a dream. If someone told me years ago that I would have achieved that dream, I would never imagine I would have the opportunity to make that dream into a reality. We started naröcha and opened our doors to the public on 3rd of August 2019. 

While being an international student in a foreign country, it was not easy starting your own business with competitions at every corner. When people says how hard it is to open a business, they are really not kidding. But my passion and drive for what I do has brought me to today. I'm utterly grateful everyday that I can have something I look forward to and have so much pride in building. I have a lot of confidence that naröcha can achieve big things with the help of all of you. 

As the founder of Naröcha, I stand to strive to bring young people together as a community to appreciate fine quality tea in a fun and exciting way. My vision for naröcha is 

  Naröcha is a family community that looks after one another. The logo of Naröcha itself represents our commitment to our value customers. And that is why our mission statement as a premium bubble tea business is for people of all ages and culture to come together to share and capture beautiful moments. 

We have big plans for naröcha and we hope to achieve this to years to come. I ask that everyone keep supporting us. As nothing would be possible without all of you. 


By the end of the day, the Naröcha team believes that it is a compulsory for us to make a lasting commitment and contribution to our beloved customers!


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