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This 'tea café' provides an immaculate tea experience. Freshly prepared warm boba balls are made for each order. Cream cheese toppings use high quality Philadelphia cream cheese. Each tea is hand whisked for a balanced brew to enjoy.

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Naröcha combines the ancient art of Japanese tea with the popular bubble tea phenomenon. Flavours range from Oreo Milk Tea with Matcha pudding and Butterfly Lemonade tea with Basil Seeds, to the more traditional styles of Hojicha and Matcha macchiato.

Truly Aus

Naröcha has always been ahead of the curve with their bubble tea antics, adding some of the most delicious toppings to their hand whisked and brewed teas. Think soft serve, crisp wafers, fresh fruit and even crème-brûlee… but glitter just takes their creativity to a whole new level.


Best bubble tea place! Haven’t had proper milk tea in a very long time because most of Melbourne’s bubble tea places give you bland or watery drinks and they charge you $$$. Narocha really does give you premium experience with their drinks. You will not be disappointed.


This is such a cute little bubble tea place! The interior is so pretty and their bubble tea was delicious, I love their chewy pearls. I got the peach oolong with cheese foam and it tasted so good, I’m definitely gonna come back!


I absolutely recommend this adorable bubble tea shop, from their cute packaging to delicious drinks and ice creams everything is actually perfect! The drinks are affordable and the shop itself is so pretty, there’s room to sit and have a drink with friends.


Was in a mission to try all the new bubble tea shops in Melbourne and stumbled upon this place. I must say their bubble tea is in my top 3 list so far! Their butterfly drink was refreshing and the jasmine tea was delicious!


I love the fact that they they brew their tea in front of us and we can actually see it. I love their makiato range… Trust me, the cream cheese is super good.. Overall, the drinks and the ambience are amazing and hopefully will return very soon!


This is a cute little boba tea shop, I really liked the menu there as there was a huge selection of milk and fruit teas. The fruit teas were so nice and refreshing. I tried my friends' milk tea, which is also very enjoyable. I liked their boba because they weren't too sickly sweet, the service was also great!