favourite collection


Ordered 4 bottles for delivery during the second lockdown. Tried the matcha chai, hojicha, lychee butterfly and rose black milk tea. All very very tasty, although the lychee butterfly was my favourite. This tea is very rich flacoured and quite creamy, so it's good to have with some ice to dilute it a little.

@Monica L

Really satisfied with my purchase! This little cute cafe located nearby QVM. For first timer, I decided to go with the number 1 option and it didn’t disappoint me at all.

I saw they whisked my hojicha on the spot. It wasn’t overly sweet neither although I didn’t alternate sweetness level. Bubble cooked in perfection chewiness as well. The packaging really caught my attention because it has decent size hole that for you to enjoy the cheese foam.


Such friendly customer service, the drinks were delicious with the cutest packaging! The overall aesthetic of the bubble tea room was beautiful- definitely a lot of photo opportunities! I can't wait to be back here

@Mariam Rizvi

This is a cute little boba tea shop, i really liked the menu here as there was a huge selection of milk and fruit teas.

The fruit teas were so nice and refreshing. I tried my friends milk tea which also very enjoyable. I liked these boba's because they weren't too sickly sweet, they were so nice. The service was also great.

Thank you for the invite, we had a fab time.


I've been wanting forever for the lockdown to be over, then go straight to Narocha. Love everything about his place, superb service, really yummy milk tea. If only i lived closer to them, i'd go there more often.

@Chanita Komalanon

Hojicha Makiato w Boba (L) $8.2

Most popular selling drink and it devo lives up its name. I went for the no sugar and less ice option (because they don't do 'no ice' option). The boba pearls were soft and just at the right chewy-ness, wasn't too soft neither was it extremely chewy. It was simply amazing.