After visiting Narocha, everything else tastes like watered down sweetened milk in comparison. The Hojicha Makiato milk tea at Narocha blew my mind with just how flavourful the drink was and you could really taste the tea.


New bubble tea store in town that comes with an aesthetically pleasing ambience! One of the most instaworthy bubble tea store in Melbourne! Excellent customer service and friendly staff!


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Narocha has undoubtedly amazing brews, and my usual is the roasted oolong cheese makiato! You can tell they really emphasise the quality of the tea leaves and I'm happy to pay the higher price tag!


This is such a beautiful little tea room! The atmosphere is very classy and welcoming, it's the type of place you want to bring your friends to have a little study date or a little catch up session!


Really satisfied with my purchase! I saw they whisked my Hojicha on the spot. Bubble cooked in perfection chewiness as well!


Staff was friendly and helpful. Drinks are really good, the best cream cheese foam I have ever tasted!